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This is simply a test to find out if the services module is pulling more than 20 records.

The 5 Love Languages

Just got done watching The 5 Love Languages with Jessica.  It was a good evening hanging out and trying not to think about technology.  I'm going to try to make it a goal of taking at least one hour to do nothing every day from now on.  I have a habit of trying to learn something or trying to make something, and I don't give myself time to just rest.  I would like to give myself time to rest and reflect on my relationship with Jessica and appreciate what I have.  I also want to take time to reflect what I am doing for Jessica and my approach to discovering her love languages.

Drupal Core Update

Drupal Update 6.20 to 6.22


I just got done updating Drupal core from 6.20 to 6.22.  This was one of the quickest and painless core updates I've done to date.  I've learned a lot about Drupal's limitations and strengths in the past year, and am glad I have run across it.  It has been a lot of fun to develop with, and I still can't wait to contribute to it.  I think next time there's a core update, I might just try to switch to Drupal 7.  I've tried using Drupal 7 in the past, but there were not enough modules for it to accomplish what I was aiming to accomplish.

YouTube JavaScript API

Ablaze Candles

This last week, I had the opportunity to tap into YouTube's player functionality. This was a project for my company, Zenuity, wherein I was supposed to redirect the user to the site's videos page when the video was done playing. If the user navigated away from the videos page, the company wanted them directed back to the area of the page they were previously browsing.

Google, YouTube, and Closed Caption Content Translation

While at work today, my boss sent me this link over Skype to a video on YouTube that I thought was entertaining enough to share.  It was two guys that had uploaded an entertaining video of themselves talking over the phone to one another.  They would let the closed caption software analyze their video, then they would use the new, automatically-translated content as their new script.  They would repeat the exact same actions as they used Google's translation in their new video.  They repeated this three times and posted the full thing on YouTube.  Have a watch and let me know what you think.



Zenuity's Banner on External Link



You know your business is a success when their banner starts to spread to other other websites. Zenuity (and I, one of two developers for the main site), are proud to announce that our business's website has now been posted on Scottsdale's Chamber of Commerce website.


Drupal's Alias System

Zenuity posted a new website last week with the URL for the purpose of increasing SEO results...  In order to create this site, I used Drupal's aliasing system to leverage the same set of system files to show the new website.  I also set up a separate database so that any other URL we want to use in this fashion will be easy.  All we will have to do is set up another alias, and if needed, we can add logic to change the labels and other content to fit the alias settings.  I found Drupal's interface to be extremely easy to use for these purposes.

New Site Logo

Thank you to Ashley Randall, of Ashley Randall Designs for my new logo! I absolutely love it! For anyone interested in clothing design, logo design, web design, and the like, contact Ashley! She is a good friend and a wonderful artist! She does a very good job of analyzing your needs and working within your expectations. Again, thank you, Ashley! Love my logo!

Also, soon to come on her site will be a store (for her wardrobe creations), a portfolio, and possibly a blog! Can't wait to spend some time working with her on her site!

New Drupal Theme

I started the current theme for my website a few weeks ago and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable enough with it to start blogging again. With a little luck, I will start kicking out more Drupal sites now that I'm starting to use it as a development platform more often. As a side note, if you're viewing this using Internet Explorer, I'm aware that a few things here and there need some polishing, and as time goes on, I will get around to it before releasing this theme.

VMWare Installed

I'm very excited! I just got VMWare Player installed and am now downloading a couple different appliances. The first appliance is an Ultimate Deployment Appliance... I'll have to drudge up all my old OS's and see what I want to play with. The second, a copy of Kubuntu... I figured I haven't played with KDE in a while, so I might as well try it out and see what's new.

More to follow... =)

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